Pousada Sapucaia


In Sapucaia Inn each room has a personalized touch, that’s why the rooms have different styles, sizes and decoration which is made by local crafts and bought in trips.

The bathrooms have gas shower and hair dryer.

All the rooms have wireless internet and an efficient and attentive maid service.

The Inn also offers one adapted apartment for the disabled people and easy access to the areas in the Sapucaia Inn.

Get to know our options:


Wing Charm

A Nice balcony and a wonderful view belong to the 5 apartments in the Charm flank.


Wing Enchantment

Enchantment flank has 2 balconies with 2 suites each. In the balcony of apartments 6 and 7 there is a beautiful view of the trail riding. And apartments 8 and 9 are preferred for those who like staying closer to everything.


Private Chalets

Enjoy the privacy of chalets with exclusive balcony and the peace that only nature can toast.